Friday, June 21, 2013

Kentucky Trip Recap

For Father's Day last weekend we took a little road trip to the Kentucky Lake area.  One of the trip highlights (for me) was renting a car.  We got a sweet little Ford Taurus.  I know what you're thinking:  a Ford Taurus?!  Doesn't your grandma drive a Ford Taurus?  Yes, she did, actually, but the body style has completely changed, and it no longer looks like my grandma's car.

Fortunately, both of my guys are good travelers because we got stuck in construction about 10 miles from our hotel on the way down.

The first night, we went to the Buzzard Rock Cafe, just off one of the marinas.  I was a little skeptical at first because it didn't look... clean... but they ended up having fabulous food.

Frank and Jacob went swimming in the hotel pool that evening, which I hoped would wear Jacob out but no such luck.  He was still bouncing off the walls by his usual 8:00 bedtime, which meant Carter was also still awake.  We brought a pack-n-play for Carter, and he just kept standing up in it and yelling.  Finally, around 9:30, I think everyone went to sleep.

The next morning, we walked around another one of the marinas.

(This is Jacob's, "But why can I not get in the water?" face.)

Then we went to a fun park just down the road.  Jacob played some video games, but his favorite thing was the go-karts. 

Doesn't he look tiny sitting there?! I thought maybe he would be scared, but he was all about it.

Then we moved on to bumper boats.  Since we were the only people on this ride, there was no one to bump, but that was probably just as well.  

Carter supervised these activities and ate puffs. It was about 800 degrees outside, so I was trying to keep him in the shade, despite what it looks like in this picture.  

That afternoon we went to a waterpark where I didn't take any pictures!  Between the swim trunks, towels, swim diaper, swim hat, sunscreen, water, sandals, bottle, and stroller, I didn't have a free hand.  

I think Carter wanted to be sure we didn't forget him because he kept climbing on Jacob's suitcase as we were packing up the next morning!

Overall, I was surprised at how rural the Kentucky Lake/Lake Barkley area is.  They do have some tourist attractions, but everything is very spread out, geographically.  Everywhere we ate was fantastic, and I got some great sweet tea (gotta love the south for that!).  

Frank said it was a great Father's Day weekend!

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