Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jacob is Three

Last Friday, Jacob turned three.  We didn't really have big birthday plans for him, which was a good thing, since he woke up throwing up!  I'm still not sure what was wrong with him, but he only threw up twice (sorry if that's TMI) early in the morning, so after staying home in the morning, we ended up getting to do some fun stuff by afternoon.

Our elf Kiki kicked off his birthday by showing up with three candles.

We do presents in the morning, so here he is-- with his sippy cup of flat 7-up-- opening his gift.

A hummer!  With a tent!  And a guy and a dog!

After naps that afternoon, we went to the mall, which was insane, by the way, so he could drive one of the little cars.  You know the cars that you can rent for the kid to drive while the mom shops?  The ones that I never rent for him?  He loves those cars, and the one he loves the most is a hot pink car that says, "Princess."


It was his birthday, after all, so I wore Carter in the carrier and pushed Jacob around the super-crowded mall in a pink princess car.

After that, we picked up Frank and went to dinner at Ted's Garage, which is a car-themed diner in Clinton.  Frank came up with the idea of taking him there, and it couldn't have been cuter. The place has antique gas pump, little cars suspended from the ceiling, and oil rags instead of napkins.  They also have a little porch area where they have a real antique car.

We had a very nice waitress who Jacob worked very hard to charm.  (He's taking a picture of her taking a picture of us in the photo below.)

His efforts paid off because once she found out it was his birthday and brought him a huge brownie sundae for free!  He and Frank both ate it and still weren't able to finish it!  Needless to say, we will be going back.  Soon.

Back at home, it was birthday cake time!  (Yes, the kid who was throwing up 12 hours earlier was now eating two desserts.  I kinda felt like I should have my Responsible Adult card revoked.)  For the past month, whenever I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he unfailingly asked for yellow cake with blue icing, and since it was so simple, I thought I might as well just make it rather than try to get all fancy with a store-bought one.

 He loved all the attention and despite a rough start to the morning, had a great day!

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